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Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 5:56pm by Gautam Kumar

WhatsApp is one of the best chat apps in the world and has now become of the size of a Social Networking site.Many peoples around are searching for WhatsApp.apk so that they can use it to install WhatsApp on Android and WhatsApp On Pc.If you are here you also must be searching for whatsapp.apk to install it on your device.

I am sure that most of you must be knowing what is WhatsApp Messenger and must be using it on your device and must be knowing about its features and how it works.So there’s nothing to decide on that.We are here to know how to download WhatsApp.Apk to install it on your Smartphone or your Pc or Mac.We are writing on about WhatsApp here and we are providing tutorials here on how to download WhatsApp For Mac,WhatsApp For Nokia,WhatsApp For Pc,WhatsApp For Iphone and WhatsApp For Java phones.


WhatsApp has been downloaded million times and most of the time they are downloaded from Google Play Store and directly installed but there are many moments when you need to install it directly by using its .apk file as you want to download WhatsApp.apk file to install on your devices.WhatsApp Apk file is not available easily for download on the Internet so let’s have this and hope it works for you.

So now we are going to download WhatsApp.apk and I will teach you how to download WhatsApp on pc and WhatsApp on your Android with these WhatsApp apk file.You can do it very easily and here is what you need to download.So lets see how to install it.

Install WhatsApp.Apk On Pc

  1. Download Bluestacks App Player
  2. Open Bluestacks App Player
  3. Download WhatsApp.Apk and double-click on it.
  4. Now WhatsApp.apk file will start installing on your pc.
  5. Now WhatsApp is installed on your pc so enjoy!

Install WhatsApp.Apk On Android

  1. Download WhatsApp.Apk File.
  2. Place it in your SD card or internal storage.
  3. Now open it and it will start installing.
  4. Now WhatsApp is installed on your device.
  5. So enjoy!

Download WhatsApp.Apk

So these were some of the best and short tutorials on how to install WhatsApp on your pc or Android phone with the help of its .apk file easily.You can try this method to install any android game or app on your pc.So Enjoy and if you are having any problems download WhatsApp,apk file feel free to ping me or ask in comments and don’t forget to share and rate this post.

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